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Winter Bushcraft:


This two day course is about adapting our skillset to match the challenge and beauty of the winter season. We will still focus on our core skills of fire, shelter, water, food, safety and plant study. Depending on the year and location we will focus on different types of snow shelters.


This course requires that all participants arrive with equipment and clothing suitable for the winter environment.  In addition, everyone must be physically capable of sustained physical labour.


Workshop Content:

Knifecraft: Introduction to the essentials of knife usage and maintenance. We will also add training and care of axes because of their utility in the deep cold of a northern winter.


Sheltercraft: Tarps, thermal mass lean-to's, super shelters and more. During winter we shift our focus away from synthetic materials towards natural materials as we experiment with quinzhees, igloos, trenches and more.


Firecraft: The ability to start fires in the winter season is an essential and often underpracticed skill. With the extra challenge of moisture and cold we will expand our skill sets to ensure warmth can be acheived.


Bindcraft: Emphasis shifts from natural materials to specific knots and bends that perform well in winter climates.


Navigation: Navigation and route selection in the winter becomes a matter of reading the landscape and its frozen blanket of ice and snow.


Food Foraging: How can food be accessed in the winter. How to plan nutritious easy to consume rations for winter trips. Essential


Equipment: Clothing and equipment challenges for the winter environment. Building the bush bowsaw.

Cost:  $240.00/person


Dates: 10 - 12 February 2017

             10:00am Friday to Noon Sunday



  • Able to perform demanding physical tasks in cold weather

  • Full winter equipment (details provided)


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