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Foundations in Bushcraft:

Dates: TBA

2 Day Course

Cost: $295/person


Coming to Frostbite!, then consider joining a group of instructors for a traditional wilderness living skills during the preceding two days.  We will be on the same location allowing an easy transition from our Foundations course to the events of Frostbite!

This two day course is the most popular program that we offer. It fits into your schedule, provides a great introduction to some fundamental skills and doesn't leave you feeling burnt out from information overload.


The course is a blend of hands-on experience and presentation and is open to all students, beginner or advanced. Completion of this course will enable you to safely plan day and simple overnight trips, select appropriate equipment and prepare you to face routine adversities with skill, knowledge and confidence.


A great course for dayhikers, paddlers and anyone that ventures beyond the parking lot and into our beautiful wilderness areas. We provide the ingredients for supper on day 1 and breakfast on day 2. Please bring all other food and snacks that you might need.


Summer or Winter:

This course is offered in both summer and winter with content that changes to reflect the respective challenges and opportunities of each season.


Workshop Content:

Survival or Bushcraft?:

Foundational knowledge in self-care is the where we begin.  Define survival, make a plan, now enjoy living by using the traditional skills of a northern woodsman or woodswoman.

Knifecraft: Introduction to the essentials of knife usage and maintenance. Learn essential techniques and safety to turn your knife into an essential tool.


Sheltercraft: Tarps, thermal mass lean-to's, super shelters , quinzhees, igloos, brushloos, and more. Exact content will vary by season and ecology


Firecraft: Fire enables us to cook food, create tools, warm our bodies and banish the things that go bump in the night. We will cover fuel types and selection, finding and preparing tinder and build confidence with matches, lighters, commercial tinders and fire steels.


Bindcraft: Learn to make cordage from gathered and scavenged materials


Navigation: Essentials of using your compass. This component will allow you to orient your map/compass, adjust declination and develop foundational skills in land-based navigation.


Food Foraging: Find some fungi, pluck some plants, brew some tea, and build your confidence in identifying and using wild plants.


Essential Equipment: Overview of equipment that every wilderness traveler should carry for single day ventures into the wilderness.

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