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Expedition Canoeing with Mammut Bushcraft  25-28 June 2015




















How Expedition Canoeing is operated:

Throughout the course you will be camped alongside your instructors.  During shoreside sessions we will share bushcraft and camp cooking skills which you will then be able to immediately implement throughout the course.  The daily on-water sessions will be led by David Delafield, a nationally recognized paddling instructor in multiple disciplines and the team manager for multiple expeditions.  Including the 3,038km "Voyage to the Bay 2006" that stretched from the Rocky Mountains to the Hudson Bay.


This course will enable you to competently handle a canoe in multiple settings, make intelligent wilderness decisions, wisely select and utilize appropriate equipment and prepare you to plan your own excursions.


Sampling of What you Will Learn:

Canoe Techniques:

  • Efficient travelling strokes

  • Strokes for turning while stationary

  • Strokes for turning while under power

  • Rafting canoes

  • Route planning

  • Decision making

  • Working with weather and wind

  • Rescue skills

  • Dealing with capsized canoes

  • Self and assisted rescue skills

  • Packing canoes and adjusting trim

  • Drybags, barrels, wannigans and more

  • Introduction to solo paddling skills

  • The beauty of the portage


Campcraft, Camp Cookery & General Woods-Loafing:

  • Selecting your campsites

  • Camp cookery for groups

  • Planning food and creating menus

  • Cooking over the campfire:

    • Campfire cranes and pot supports

    • Camp ovens

    • Dutch ovens

    • Baking bread, cakes and cookies

    • Pancakes

    • Grilling

  • Bear-bagging and protecting your precious rations

  • Fire-lighting with confidence

  • Liquid fuel stoves: maintenance and usage

  • Introduction to axe and saw skills

  • Selecting personal equipment

  • Safety regulations related to canoeing



Some Details: 























Throughout this course we will be outdoors.  Be prepared to work with the whims of nature and be flexible with daily scheduling.  In great weather we will be on the water or in the surrounding forests, and in  more challenging conditions we will work on skills around camp.



Food will be provided for breakfast and dinner with all course participants taking an active roll in preparation.  All lunch and snack materials will need to be brought with you.  If you have any questions, or need some guidance in planning your personal food rations, we are eager to help out.  Please inform us of any dietary restrictions during the booking process.  We will endeavour to accommodate most simple requests.


No Experience? No Problem:

You do not need to have previous experience of canoeing or camping to attend this course. The course will teach you the skills you need to do both.  

Course Cost: $450.00


Begin your journey towards adventure and solitude


Nothing evokes the feeling of the Canadian wilderness like setting out upon a canoe expedition.  The quiet bays, the rush of the river, the peaceful campfires and a life lived in the open air.  If you have been dreaming of your own journeys by canoe, then Expedition Canoeing with Mammut Bushcraft is what you have been searching for.


This 4-day immersion into the art of wilderness travel and canoe techniques will provide the confidence you need to safely plan and undertake your own adventures here in Canada.  Through this course you will have the opportunity to be awarded 2-4 separate nationally recognized canoe skill endorsements through Paddle Canada, the national accrediting body for canoeing instructors in Canada.  You will learn to safely handle tandem canoes, important safety skills, rescue and survival skills that will allow you travel confidently and efficiently.


You will not need to invest in large quantities of specialized equipment to participate in Expedition Canoeing.  At a minimum you will require warm insulative layers and a waterproof shell jacket and pants, a small backpack and some basic camp supplies


More specialized equipment such as canoes, safety gear, PFD’s and drybags will be provided for your use throughout the trip.  Communal equipment such as cooking equipment and group tarps will be provided.


If you already own your own PFD, paddles, canoes or camping equipment we encourage you to bring these along.  You will be better served by training with, and exploring the limits of your own equipment.   A full equipment list will be emailed upon receiving your registration, or via email request.

Courses Dates


25-28 June 2015 



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