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Mammut Bushcraft Alberta Survival


Lead Instructors:

David Delafield has been working in the outdoor education and leadership industry since 1999, working with toddlers, octagenarians and everything in between. He was recently recognized by Mors Kochanski as a Survival and Wilderness Living Skills Instructor.  A substantial honour, considering the prominence of Mors in the world of outdoor education.


His primary focus is to engage people with nature as a place to learn, live and play. He's a bit of a plant nut, pretty passionate about fires, has almost as many canoes as axes, and has a tendency to go barefoot. Currently an assistant professor of Biology & Outdoor Leadership, he brings experience, plenty of bush-time, and a bit of science. He has studied with some of the titans of bushcraft including: Mors Kochanski, Larry Dean Olson, Errett Callahan, David Holladay and others.


Assistant Instructors:


Keenan Hosking's work in facility management is blended with his extensive experience in both traditional wilderness travel and in a former time, as a dedicated 4x4 enthusiast.  This background as a maintenance professional combined with the natural need for improvisation called for in his outdoor pursuits has generated a keen understanding of the need for basic preparedness around our homes and vehicles.  While frequently participating in the bushcraft and wilderness living skills courses, Keenan takes an active lead through developing our emergency preparedness, vehicle safety and winter driving courses.  His unique blend of experience makes his contributions to Mammut programs, truly outstanding.

Jay Seely has an incredibly diverse background that contributes to his role as an instructor.  From creating strip built canoes, handbuilt longboards, to drilling water wells, working as a cabinet installer and working in the outdoor industry Jay challenges each of us to think more critically about, and simplify our choices.  He and Shilo recently completed the 2300 mile Appalachian Trail and back at work preparing for their next major adventure.  On Mammut Bushcraft courses, Jay takes a leadership role with friction firecraft, crafting and improvising, paddle making, modern campcraft and ultralight backpacking.





Shilo Bruce (coming soon)

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