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The Journeyman

Cost: $450/person

While still built on the foundational skills of our shorter courses, our Journeyman Course is an opportunity to learn new techniques and then apply them during an extended period of movement and foraging.  The core skills related to fire, shelter, water, tools of the woods wanderer and risk management will be expanded from previous courses.  But as a co-Journeymen we will work together to create community of reliance upon the forests and each other to ensure our comfort.


After spending time in one of our basecamps honing our tools and crafting items to support our journey we will set out as a nomadic group of foragers.  Within the game regulations we will hunt, fish, harvest and forage for our sustenance while faced with the challenge of moving and creating camp.  This course will allow you to implement your skills in very real and tangible ways as your comfort will depend on your ability to work with the resources of Nature.


The individual equipment that each person carries will vary with their personal skill set and comfort in the outdoors.  However we encourage each person to choose their own challenges, and push their abilities and comfort into new areas.


Throughout the experience our instructors will provide feedback on individual skills and provide additional training in identifying and utilizing the resources found in the boreal forest.


This course will provide new levels of confidence in your ability to handle emergencies, but more importantly, inspire a deeper level of knowledge and relationship with the natural world and in your ability to move beyond survival to truly living and travelling with the Land.


While this is intended to be mentally and physically challenging, we are also keenly interested in your physical and mental safety.  The course location will be selected to maximize our learning potential.  Instructors will be carrying a comprehensive first aid and emergency kits, and will have access to emergency communications that will enable us to respond to any unforeseen difficulties.



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