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Fundamentals of Navigation:
6 hours
Cost: $95.00/person
Brief introduction to the tools of effective navigation: your memory, a map and compass.
Mammut Bushcraft Alberta Survival
Navigation: Beyond the Basics:
2 days
Cost: $190/person
You will become intimately familiar with your compass and the intricacies of topographical maps.  Extensive classroom time will be spent on learning the skills of triangulation, resection, using handrails, reading the landscape and route selection.  The skills covered will enable you to determine locations, read maps with confidence and create an old friend out of your compass
Advanced Navigation:
3 days, next course Summer 2016
Cost: $300/person
We will review the skills learned in our Beyond the Basics course and then challenge students in a three day simulation of being lost.
Under the watchful eye of an instructor, you will be dropped off in an unknown location, and applying your skillset, navigate to a location marked on your maps.
Requires prior training, good physical fitness and a full backpacking outfit.
Navigation Topics:
  • Compass Skills
    • setting a heading
    • Reading a bearing
    • declination
  • Map Skills
    • Reading the map
    • Orientation to terrain
    • plotting courses
    • location determination
  • Field Component
    • Cross-country navigation
    • Sport Orienteering
    • Skill enhancement
  • Electronic Aids
    • Electronic compasses
    • Map & GPS: where am I?
    • PLB’s and Spot’s
  • Natural navigation
    • Pace counting
    • Direction finding: sun, stars, moon & vegetation
    • Finnish compass stick
    • Portable sun compass

Navigation Courses:


The art of staying found is sometimes embued with mystery and intrigue. The reality is that good navigation is mostly about good planning and paying attention to the things around you.


Our Navigation courses are intended to step you through the mysteries, into confidence in your ability to read maps, use tools like compass and GPS and to move confidently.

Navigation Courses:                                      

Fundamentals of Navigation                          Navigation: Beyond the Basics                  

  TBA                                                                    tba



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